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14-Feb-2016 04:40

By and large, good ones were enhanced with additional scripts.We are going to cover several field types including standard input field, password field, repeat password field, email field, options list and few different js scripts.This page does not contain any form validation, it just shows how you can send and retrieve form data.However, the next pages will show how to process PHP forms with security in mind!

We create and associate a set of “validation descriptors” with each element in the form.

GET also has limits on the amount of information to send. However, because the variables are displayed in the URL, it is possible to bookmark the page. Information sent from a form with the POST method is invisible to others (all names/values are embedded within the body of the HTTP request) and has no limits on the amount of information to send.

Moreover POST supports advanced functionality such as support for multi-part binary input while uploading files to server.

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to sanitize and validate form data using PHP filters.

The “validation descriptor” is a string specifying the type of validation to be performed.