Updating tnsnames

17-Aug-2016 20:12

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In addition, OUI provides location information for these files in up to three other existing Oracle Homes if they exist.

The parameter files can then be manually copied over to the new home.

Every now and then when I created a new Oracle database in an existing Oracle base (be it 11g or 12c) – I get the error “TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name” whenever I try to do tnsping on a new database.

ORA, an Oracle Names server, or a native naming service.

For example, you may see this error when logging on the datamover in bootstrap mode (for example, using SYSADM).

99% of the time, this error turns out to be something that I overlooked and I could have resolved the error in a few minutes rather than wasting hours.

a) Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( b) Oracle Data Provider for . NET 2 ( h) Oracle Services for MTS ( i) Oracle Provider for OLE DB ( j) Oracle ODBC Driver ( k) Oracle SQL*Plus ( l) Oracle Instant Client ( m) Oracle Universal Installer ( download this file into the "Tmp" directory. Note: If an ODAC beta is installed, uninstall it before installing this ODAC release.

NET 4 ( g) Oracle Database Extensions for . After the installation, you may delete the zip file and the unzipped folders and files.Disclaimer: I have a hi-speed residential network connection that was averaging 15.93Mbps this morning. If you’ve ever seen that funny icon popup in your systray while running apps over a website, that’s probably java. I call it the ‘Toolkit’, but it’s just a ‘Kit,’ but not THAT K. The name is ‘6’, but the version is ‘1.6.’ We develop, test, and support SQL Developer for 1.6.

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