The dating of eddie poetry

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Edwin George Morgan was born on 27 April 1920 in Glasgow’s West End, and brought up in Pollokshields and Rutherglen.

He attended – unhappily – Rutherglen Academy, moving on to complete his schooling at Glasgow High and entering Glasgow University in 1937.

Since its founding, the Academy has awarded more money to poets than any other organization.

According to tradition, the great English dramatist and poet William Shakespeare is born in Stratford-on-Avon on April 23, 1564.

PETERSON OF CHf CAno The poetic Edda Translated from the Icelandic with an introduction and notes by Henry Adams Bellows New York; The American-Scandinavian Foundation, 1923 CONTENTS* General Introduction xi Lays of the Gods Voluspo I Hovamol 28 Vafthruthnismol 68 Grimnismol 84 Skirnismol 107 Harbarthsljoth 121 Hymiskvitha 138 Lokasenna 151 Thrymskvitha 174 Alvissmol 183 Baldrs Draumar 195 Rigsthula 201 Hyndluljoth 217 Svipdagsmol 234 Lays of the Heroes Volundarkvitha 252 Helgakvitha Hjorvarthssonar 269 Helgakvitha Hundingsbana I 290 Helgakvitha Hundingsbana H 309 Fra Dautha Sinfjotla 332 Gripisspo 337 Reginsmol 356 • For the phonetic spellings of the proper names see the Pronouncins Index.

Contents — Continued Fafnismol 370 Sigrdrifumol 386 Brot af Sigurtharlcvithu 402 Guthrunarkvitha I 411 Sigurtharkvitha en Skamma 420 Helreith Brynhildar 442 Drap Niflunga 447 Guthrunarkvitha II, en Forna 450 Guthrunarkvitha III 465 Oddrunargratr 469 Atlakvitha en Gronlenzka 480 Atlamol en Gronlenzku 499 Guthrunarhvot 53^ Hamthesmol 545 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The General Introduction mentions many of the scholars to whose work this translation owes a special debt. * Thryms'-kvith-a, the Lay of Thrym, 12, 82, 107, 122, 128, 129, 143, 159, 166, 169, 174- 183, 185, 195, 210, 252, 274, 471- Thund, a river, 93.

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It was three weeks since Davis had fled the Confederate..., suggests the enormous range of Morgan's subject matter.

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