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Reports were e-mailed to her, and that's how she caught him. I think his words were, 'loose women in our area;' and also foursomes. I started paying a little more attention and made copies of everything that was going on and then I set him up and I pretended I was somebody with a different name and so I was able to have a conversation with him for quite a while that I found out exactly what he was doing, what he was saying."She's now in the middle of a divorce.

She says, "And that's when I found out all the different sites he was going to, what he was looking for. It is important to note, it is legal to put this spy software on a computer as long as you own the computer - which Christine did.

The typing awareness indicator is another adaptation: a way to pace a written conversation. Texts aren’t the destruction of the English language, he says; they’re “fingered speech.” Written thoughts get shared with almost the same speed that we blab. When we’re talking to each other face to face, we’re communicating through our eyes and our body language and the rhythm of our voices–which soothes or scares the evolutionary history that’s alive in the back of our minds.

Our various forms of “fingered speech” lack in that same richness.

This is a “typing awareness indicator,” which can turn a pregnant pause into something innocent–and insidious.

r u smart bcoz i need some1 smart If you are looking for chat shorthand words such as "cya", "lol", "ty", etc.

When chatting or typing anything on the Internet, unless you're talking to another user who uses chat slang we highly suggest you type out the full words and always try to use proper capitalization and punctuation.

Although this may take more time to type it saves time for all the other users reading it.

see the shorthand dictionary definition for a listing of these terms and each of their meanings.

Below is a listing of commonly used chat slang and typo's and their proper English meaning.

Chat slang is a method of typing long words and phrases as short one-to-four letter words and is also used by people who have difficulties spelling.