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21-Jan-2016 18:32

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Just to say that we can't possibly comment about what someone happened to say on this forum over seven years ago - for all we know that person is no longer posting.

Similarly we can't say why MS don't issue KB solutions or why the web doesn't give hits.

If I ctrl a then F9, every link will then update, but I need it to do so upon load. Answer from 2006: Once the document is loaded, the links will not update. You could create a macro that updates when you run it, which in theory is no different than what you're already doing.

You can also update before printing if you wish by going to Tools, Options, Print, Printing Options, Update Fields, Update Links. I have Word 2010 linked to numerous Excel tables, and it does the same thing, the only way to get it to update automatically is Ctrl-a, then hit F9. What's the purpose of selecting automatically update and the Update links upon opening document preference if it doesn't work and you end up having to manually update the links by ctrl-1 F9???

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When I open the Excel files on the Sharepoint directory, they update just fine.I have a Word doc with numerous links to an excel sheet.

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