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05-Sep-2016 05:45

The Dray Tek Vigor Switch P1090 switch, an 8-port Gigabit switch offers full-power to all these ports with Power of Ethernet (Po E) capability.

All Po E-enabled devices for the business usages, such as IP phones (e.g. Vigor AP series) or IP Cameras can all rely on Vigor Switch P1090 switch for the power supply to ease the deployment difficulties.

I know enough female FSOs who have found husbands abroad to dispel that myth.

But I think the Foreign Service lifestyle is harder for single women than for single men. I cannot tell you how many State Department post reports I’ve read where “great post for singles” meant “great post for single guys to pick up local girls in bars.” I’d be curious to know how many FSOs are single and compare that against the resources offered specifically for them.

” The short answer is, “It’s not for everyone.” There’s a joke in the Foreign Service that goes like this: If you want to know where a male FSO’s first overseas post was, look at his wife.

If you want to know where a female FSO’s first overseas post was, look at her furniture.

The opportunities that exist for Foreign Service Specialists are as diverse as the countries in which they serve.

Foreign Service Specialist jobs are grouped into eight major categories: Administration, Construction Engineering, Facility Management, Information Technology, International Information and English Language Programs, Medical and Health, Office Management, and Law Enforcement and Security.

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I’m about to start the A-100 training class and will then be posted to who-knows-where.The Po E can let WLAN deployment be much convenient for some corners and floors.

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